Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam policy
Any engagement in any form of unsolicited marketing commonly known as spamming is prohibited on AdultDateCash.
Spamming consists of but not exclusively to sending unsolicited e-mails, chat messages, ICQ.
Any affiliate found spamming or cheating the program will be immediately blocked and their payment seized.
Only one registration is allowed per IP address, any duplicate registrations will immediately flag your account and an investigation will be launched.

At AdultDateCash we take pride in our reputation and we work hard to maintain a respectable presence on the internet.
Thus Spamming and other illegal advertising are not tolerated and we reserve the right to decide on the outcome of any account where we may block or suspend without prior notice. has ZERO TOLERENCE FOR SPAM.

By joining the ADC team you are agreeing to all of AdultDateCash's terms and conditions.